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Chongqing municipal government issued a notice of a clear division of leadership 8 vice mayor at AB angle"

2018 years 12 months 06 days from 07:56: China - Communist News Network

The Communist Party of China Beijing News Network on 6 December, (Ren Jiahui) recently, the Municipal People's government website issued the "notice" the office of Chongqing government on the division of the leaders of the municipal government work report, "division of labor" the leaders of the municipal government work, as follows:

The leaders of the municipal government work division

According to the provisions of the "People's Republic of China local people's congresses and local people's government organization law", Chongqing Municipal People's government to implement the mayor responsibility, deputy mayor of the City Government Secretary and assist the mayor of work.

Mayor Tang Liangzhi presided over the municipal government is responsible for the overall work of the audit work.

Research Department of the municipal government office, the Municipal Audit Bureau, the municipal government in charge of.

Contact the NPC and CPPCC, democratic parties and the Federation work.

Vice mayor Wu Cunrong in charge of the municipal government executive work; in charge of development and reform, food, finance, state-owned assets supervision and administration, big data application development, statistics, public resources trading regulation, energy, government offices, School of administration, people's armed forces work; be responsible for the audit work; in charge of emergency management.

Charge of the municipal development and Reform Commission (Municipal Grain Bureau), the Municipal Finance Bureau, the SASAC, Municipal Bureau of statistics, Government Affairs Bureau, city big data Development Bureau, the city public resources trading Supervision Bureau, Municipal Energy Bureau, Chongqing administration institute.

Contact the garrison, Chongqing Municipal Tax Bureau and the Ministry of finance, the office of the Commissioner, the Audit Commission and the State Administration of Taxation Office Chongqing Chongqing Office, the National Bureau of Statistics survey organization.

Chen Heping party members responsible for transportation planning and construction work leading group.

Vice mayor Lu Kehua in charge of housing and urban construction, transportation, planning and management of natural resources, ecological environment, forestry, civil air defense work.

The planning department of natural resources, in charge of city ecological environment bureau, the municipal housing and urban construction, city traffic bureau, people's Air Defense Office, Municipal Bureau of forestry.

Contact City Post Management Bureau, Chongqing railway office, the civil aviation authority of Chongqing.

Vice mayor Liu Guiping in charge of Commerce, foreign trade, foreign affairs, Hong Kong and Macao Affairs, Taiwan affairs, nationality and religion, local financial supervision and financial work, the new demonstration projects, port logistics, FTA test area work.

In charge of Municipal Ethnic and Religious Committee, the Municipal Commission of Commerce, Municipal Government Foreign Affairs Office (municipal government office), the municipal government office and the Municipal Finance Supervision Bureau (Municipal Finance Bureau), city in the new project management bureau, the municipal government office, Chongqing port logistics trade office.

Contact the City Council, the people's Bank of Chongqing business management department, Bank of Chongqing Insurance Regulatory Bureau, Chongqing securities regulatory bureau, Chongqing customs.

Vice mayor Qu Qian in charge of education, human resources and social security, health, health care, sports, counselor, literature and history, chronicles.

In charge of the City Board of education, city human social security bureau, City Health Committee (Municipal Administration of traditional Chinese Medicine), the Municipal Sports Bureau, Health Bureau, municipal government Counselors'Office, city office, municipal government wenshiguan.

Contact the red cross.

Vice mayor Deng Huilin in charge of public security, judicial administration, Veterans Affairs, letters, confidential work.

In charge of the Municipal Public Security Bureau, the Municipal Judicial Bureau, City Veterans Affairs Bureau, the petition office, the State Secrecy Bureau, the Municipal Bureau of prisons, Municipal Bureau of education and correction (Municipal Drug Administration).

Contact the City Commission, city high court, city procuratorate, Chongqing City People's Armed Police Corps, Chongqing City National Security bureau.

Vice mayor Pan Yiqin in charge of civil affairs, urban management, culture and tourism, radio and television, cultural relics, market supervision, drug supervision, intellectual property, social sciences, women and children, the disabled.

In charge of the Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, the Municipal Urban Management Bureau, City Cultural Tourism Commission (Cultural Relics Bureau), the municipal market supervision bureau, the city food and drug administration, the Municipal Intellectual Property Bureau, Chongqing Academy of Social Sciences (Development Research Center of the municipal government).

Contact Union City, municipal Party committee, Municipal Women's Federation, association of Social Sciences, city cdpf.

Vice mayor Li Dianxun, responsible for Industry and information technology, science and technology, management of foreign experts, investment promotion work; responsible for emergency management work.

In charge of Municipal Science and Technology Bureau (bureau of foreign experts), City Economic Information Commission, city emergency office, city investment bureau.

Contact Municipal Association, Chongqing maritime bureau, Chongqing coal Supervision Bureau, city communications authority, Municipal Seismological Bureau, Municipal Bureau of tobacco.

Vice mayor Li Mingqing in charge of agriculture and rural areas, water conservancy, Three Gorges reservoir management, Three Gorges Reservoir area of economic and social development in the Three Gorges Reservoir area, water environmental protection and geological disaster prevention, poverty alleviation and development, supply and marketing work.

In charge of the Municipal Water Conservancy Bureau (city of the Three Gorges Reservoir Management Bureau), City Commission, city agriculture and rural poverty alleviation, supply and marketing cooperatives.

Contact Municipal Meteorological bureau.

Secretary General Ou Shunqing is responsible for assisting the leaders of the municipal government with the city government daily work, presided over the municipal government office responsible for the overall work, the city government plenary meeting, the municipal government executive meeting, the mayor's office meeting, the mayor and deputy mayor responsible for coordinating the daily activities and the City Government of the city's major events. To assist the mayor with the NPC and CPPCC, democratic parties and the Federation work, contact the Research Office of the municipal government, municipal government offices in charge of.

Vice mayor AB angle:

Wu Cunrong Qu Qian

Lu Kehua Li Mingqing

Liu Guiping Pan Yiqin

Deng Huilin Li Dianxun

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(Jia Hui Gao Lei, commissioning editor: Ren)
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